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We strive to figure out ways to give you the best value for your tech and help you declutter your life.

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Why recycle with us?

We may be sort-of-small, but we're big on that caring for customer experience thing.


The price you see is the price we pay. We guarantee it.

We will pay the price quoted on our website no quibble! Unlike others, we don't advertise inflated prices and then knock them down after "inspection".


Money in your account. Lightning fast. Like within 24 hours.

After some dosh? We know how fast you want it and we will always send you money the same day we receive your phone. Faster Payment Service transfers only.


No hidden fees. Actually no fees full stop. No drama.

The money you see is the money that ends up in your account. Unlike other recyclers, we won't come up with miscellaneous fees after the order has been processed.


Free shipping. With tracking. From your local Royal Mail office.

Put an order through, print out the label, pack it, slap the label on it and pop-down to your local post office to ship your kit over to us free.


Fixed prices for different conditions. See the price instantly.

Unlike others, we give a fixed price for your faulty gear as well. Simply select the options, see the price and we will pay what's on your screen.


No printer? Can't package? We'll send labels and boxes free.

Have tech to sell, however, been putting it off because need to sort out packaging and shipping? No worries here, we'll post you everything needed.

Go on then.
Give us a go.

Mobile Buyers follow ethical recycling procedures, which aim to extend the life of old mobile phones and other tech, so that other folks could get their mitts on an affordable tech in either UK or other developing parts of the world. By recycling with us, you not only help to save the environment but also make money doing so.

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